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United Airlines puts Dreamliner back in the air after four-month grounding


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Four months after the Federal Aviation Administration grounded the Boeing 787 Dreamliner with an emergency airworthiness directive, United Airlines is putting the fuel-friendly plane back in the air today. The Dreamliner had overheating issues with its lithium-ion battery, which saw two notable failures prior to its January grounding, but a recent revamp of the battery system might put some fliers' fears to rest. It's worth nothing that the FAA approved the battery fix despite the fact that it doesn't quite address the root cause of the problem, but airline executives don't appear to be overly concerned -- both Boeing CEO Jim McNerney and United CEO Jeff Smisek will be on today's Dreamliner flight from Houston to Chicago. For the moment, United's Dreamliner is limited to domestic flights but if all goes well, it'll return to international travel on June 10th, with a flight from Denver to Tokyo.

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