On Tuesday, Tim Cook took the stage at D11: All Things Digital. Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg spent nearly an hour and a half asking Cook about Apple's future plans and directions, questions he evaded with dignity and forbearance. Topics included wearable tech, Apple's potential foray into television sets, and diversification of Apple's iPhone line.

As we sat and watched here at TUAW central, we shook our heads at what we perceived as wasted opportunity after wasted opportunity. Anyone could have guessed that Cook would not reveal Apple's internal development secrets. Here, they had Cook, a man sitting at the forefront of mobile and desktop development, and, frustratingly, asked him product questions they knew he wouldn't answer instead of exploring the man's insights.

As one anonymous TUAW blogger put it, "It was 81 minutes of 'I can't tell you.' It gave me a headache"

So where was the philosophy? How is user interaction developing over the next few years? What is the future of the desktop? What trends are pushing the evolution of accessible computing? What role does design language play in Jony Ive's interface refresh? What lessons is Apple taking from the Surface -- what did Microsoft get right, and what did they get wrong? It's been a year since "Toaster Fridge", looking back did you have it right? We were bursting with questions like these, ones we felt that Cook could have openly addressed.

Of course, Monday morning quarterbacking is easier than being in the hot seat ourselves -- especially with such well respected interviewers. But surely, Mossberg and Swisher would have gone into their discussion with an agenda they'd discussed and considered. We're just befuddled by the questions they chose to prioritize.

What did you think of Cook's D11 interview? Valuable as is? Or would you have ran things differently? You tell us. Join in this poll and then tell us in the comments what questions you would have asked.

What did you think of the Tim Cook D11 Interview
It was great. I love seeing Cook, and clearly Mossberg and Swisher had a lot of fun.40 (10.0%)
I hoped for more interesting discussion, but I enjoyed what I saw.64 (16.0%)
I was disappointed. Snoozefest from start to end.75 (18.7%)
I guess we'll have to wait until WWDC for anything interesting.128 (31.9%)
If ATD had asked philosophy questions, you all would be complaining that they didn't ask enough hard-hitting product questions.9 (2.2%)
I didn't watch.69 (17.2%)
Something else. I'll tell you in the comments.16 (4.0%)

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