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Escape Goat 2 stars clearer graphics, the same goat and mouse duo


Escape Goat 2 weaves the same mystical tale as its predecessor, starring a goat and a mouse platforming their way out of prison, where the goat was originally incarcerated for using witchcraft. The main difference in the sequel is the graphical overhaul – Escape Goat launched on XBLIG and PC in 2011 as a single-screen puzzle platformer with decidedly a retro visual style. Escape Goat 2 features art by Randy O'Connor, and it certainly is a step (or a ramming leap) up.

Escape Goat 2 is slated for a launch on PC this year, from developer Magical Time Bean. Escape Goat, the original magical goat game, is on Steam Greenlight right now.

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