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Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini, GT-S7272 reach the FCC


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Well, that was fast. Samsung only just unveiled the Galaxy S 4 mini last week, and today the device is swinging through the FCC as the GT-i9195. Sadly, this particular version of the mini isn't likely to reach the US -- its LTE only works in South Korea and a handful of other distant countries. We're almost more interested in a second device, the GT-S7272, which is reaching the FCC at the same time. While this too won't hit the US when it doesn't even support American 3G frequencies, its model name is commonly (if unofficially) associated with a dual-SIM version of the unannounced Galaxy Ace 3, which may have both Android 4.2 and a WVGA screen. We'll keep our eyes peeled for versions of either smartphone that are friendlier to North American shores.

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