The After Math: E3 2013 and WWDC 2013

Welcome to The After Math, where we attempt to summarize this week's tech news through numbers, decimal places and percentages.

The After Math E3 2013 vs WWDC 2013

It was a week where Engadget somehow managed dueling liveblogs. Apple revealed its new mobile operating system, while Microsoft revealed more of its plans for the Xbox One, kicking off a week of gaming news from E3 2013 in LA. Sony soon followed, showing off its console for real, and pricing it a hundred dollars less than Microsoft's next-gen console. Sure, the war isn't over yet, but Sony can arguably claim victory at this year's Los Angeles battle. So let's talk numbers, right after the break.

  • Number of Worldwide Developer Conferences held by Apple so far: 24
  • Battery life of Apple's new Haswell-powered MacBook Air on our video rundown test: 12 hours, 51 minutes
  • Battery life increase since last year's model: 95.7 percent
  • Number of iOS devices sold so far: 600 million
  • Number of iOS devices sold since last year: 235 million
  • New voices recruited for Siri on iOS 7: 2
  • Per month price for ad-free iTunes Radio (through iTunes Match): $2.08
  • Per month price for ad-free Pandora: $3
  • Per month price for ad-free Spotify: $4.99
  • Number of iTunes accounts activated: 575 million
  • Xbox Live users (as of April 2013): 48 million
  • Years since the original Killer Instinct launched in 1994: 19

  • Mac computers assembled in the US, so far: 1
  • Number of GPU cores inside Apple's new Mac Pro: 12
  • Number of CPU cores inside Sony's PlayStation 4: 8
  • Launch platforms for the PlayStation's cloud gaming service: 3
  • E3 2013 attendees: 48,200 (approximately 2,500 more than 2012)
  • Number of Engadget E3 liveblogs this year: 4 (in one day!)
  • Number of "family members" you can share your Xbox Live account (and games) with: 10
  • Microsoft's Xbox One launch price: $499
  • Sony's PlayStation 4 launch price: $399
  • Price of the "low-end" PlayStation 3 at launch: $499
  • Price of the "high-end" Xbox 360 at launch: $399
  • The original Xbox's launch price: $299
  • The original Xbox's launch price, adjusted for 2013 prices: $393
  • Free games to be offered each month on Xbox Live (through the Xbox One launch): 2
  • Free games available on PS3 through PS Plus this month: 12
  • Due date for Nintendo's first free-to-play game: "by March 2014"
  • Wii U consoles sold so far: 3.5 million
  • New Wii U titles shown off during Nintendo's E3 presentation: 7