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Impossible Instant Lab mobile photo booth ships August 29th for $299


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There's a certain irony to the Impossible Instant Lab taking a long time to develop, but we won't mind (much) now that it has a solid release date. The instant photo kit ships to stores on August 29th, when it will cost the same $299 that The Impossible Project promised during its crowdfunding campaign. Compatibility hasn't changed much since then -- you'll need to use at least an iPhone 4 or fourth-generation iPod touch, and there's no immediate support for devices using Android or other platforms. If that's no barrier, however, you can bring your digital photos to the analog world in a matter of weeks.

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June 20th 2013

The Impossible Instant Lab: Forging A Bridge Between Analog and Digital

The first in Impossible's new line of instant photography hardware turns your digital smart phone pictures into real instant photos.

In October 2008, Impossible bought the very last factory in the world manufacturing Polaroid film and saved analog instant photography from extinction. Now the Austrian company is turning their attention to the future of instant photography with the release of their first hardware: the Impossible Instant Lab.

The Impossible Instant Lab was designed to build a bridge between digital and analog instant photography and via your iPhone, transform any digital image into a one-of-a-kind instant photograph that, no longer confined to a screen, can be shared, exhibited or simply treasured.

As with an instant camera, the image is exposed 'naturally'. Simply select an image on your phone, place the iPhone in the cradle and slide open the shutter on the base. A signal tells you when the exposure is finished. Close the shutter, push the button and the Instant Lab ejects the instant film, ready to develop in the palm of your hand. The Instant Lab is the first device to convert digital images into real analog instant photographs.

At the heart of the Instant Lab is Impossible's brand-new high-precision platform, the Impossible FPU (Film Processing Unit) that processes and develops the new generation of Impossible Color and B&W film. Unlike classic Polaroid hardware, the Impossible FPU features a modern and ecological rechargeable battery allowing the use of the new Impossible film that doesn't contain a battery.

As Impossible Founder, Dr. Florian Kaps, put it: "Our new FPU is the basis of a future range of more exciting and exacting analog instant instruments." The Impossible FPU was developed by the Impossible R&D team in partnership with DHW, based in the former Rollei Factory in Braunschweig, Germany.

The launch of the Instant Lab coincides with the release of an official Impossible Project App for iOS. As well as enabling users to transform their digital photos into real analog photographs with the Instant Lab, the App also provides a platform for scanning, uploading and sharing those analog instant photos. Supporting a variety of social media, the Impossible Project App encourages photographers to share their instant photographs and at the same time get inspiration from the photographs of others; an international community for analog instant photography lovers.

The Impossible Project App also features an online store – a quick and easy way to stock up on instant film.

It will be available in stores August 29.

For updates stay tuned to

Impossible Instant Lab Specifications:

• Cradle compatible with iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch Generations 4 and 5
• Free iOS app for photo exposure (download from the App Store or
• Optical System: 4 element coated glass lens, wide-angle
• Micro-processor-controlled film processing unit
• Rechargeable Li-Ion battery 7,4V / 2,33VAh(Wh)
• USB Power Adapter
• Compatible with IMPOSSIBLE Color and IMPOSSIBLE Black and White Film
• International Patent Pending
• Dimensions (metric): collapsed 148mm long × 111mm wide × 62mm tall; expanded
176mm tall
• Dimensions (imperial): collapsed 5.8" long × 4.3" wide × 2.4" tall; expanded 6.9" tall
• Weight (metric): 460g (including cover plate)
• Weight (US): 16oz (including cover plate)

Price: EUR 249, US$ 299

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