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Code of Princess producer likes PS4, Xbox One for a sequel

Atlus' 3DS brawler Code of Princess sold "beyond" expectations in the US and producer Yasuo Nakajima thinks the PS4 and Xbox One would be great fits for a sequel.

"Kinu-san already has ideas about Code of Princess 2 in mind already," Nakajima told Siliconera. "If Code of Princess 2 goes into development maybe it will be for consoles like PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. I want to develop a sequel to Code of Princess for core gamers like fans that are anticipating Dragon's Crown now." A sequel, as of now, has not formally entered development.

Code of Princess was developed by Agatsuma Entertainment in collaboration with Bones animation studio. It's a hack-and-slash brawler made available as a physical cartridge release last October, followed by an eShop launch in January of this year. The game launched in Europe back in March, available exclusively as an eShop download.