TUG plans alpha release party on Monday
There comes a time in every crowdfunding backer's life where s/he questions when (and if) entrance to that magical new world will actually happen. For TUG supporters, the answer is next Monday! Nerd Kingdom has announced that The Untitled Game will launch alpha testing in the early evening hours of July 15th. At that point, all alpha backers will be able to log in and see firsthand what their funds are building.

The studio invites those qualified to jump in and help find potential bugs for the development team to squash. However, it also emphasizes that this is early alpha, and as such there will not be any real gameplay such as combat or tree climbing (or any other terrain interactions) -- yet. Constant and regular updates are expected throughout the alpha testing stage, implementing new mechanics, functions, and systems. Oh, and plenty of bug fixes, too!

This article was originally published on Massively.
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