Half-Life modders gain Valve's approval, will launch new 'Sven Co-op' on Steam

Half Life modders gain Valves approval, will launch new mod on Steam

Having developed Sven Co-op for the better part of two decades, the team behind the Half-Life mod has finally been given the keys to Valve Corporation's candy store. The company has granted the modding group access to the original game's engine in order to produce a custom edition that's designed to support co-operative play. In return, the next Sven Co-op, in which players have to work together to survive and solve puzzles in various time periods, will be made available through Steam as a free-to-play title. All we ask is that Daniel "Sven" Fearon uses his new-found access to hunt around for any files entitled Episode Three, and keep all of our flickering hopes alive.

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