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Get the scoop on ArcheAge's fishing and factions

Justin Olivetti
Who are we to say that the fellow in the above picture is doing fishing wrong? After all, this is ArcheAge, and a new fishing technique or two is to be expected from this next-gen sandbox. If you're interested in fishing or the player faction system, there are a pair of articles for you to check out today.

While fishing in ArcheAge isn't as time-consuming as it is in real life, it definitely requires some preparation and know-how to do it effectively. Players can choose to fish in fresh water or salt water, and they'll need to get the right gear before angling for a good catch. There's also a helpful auto-fishing function to help cut down on some of the grind.

A second guide has more information on making player factions. To create a faction, you have to accomplish a series of tasks. This costs you a significant amount of gold (26,000 or so) and requires you to go on a scavenger hunt across the world. Good luck with that!

[Thanks to Dengar for the tip!]

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