This week Distro hits its 100th issue. We've seen plenty of great content since launching the tablet magazine in October 2011, but one particular section has always been a personal favorite. Hidden at the back of each issue, The Strip features a rotating cast of cartoonists devoting a few panels to the day's tech news. Since launch, we've had a number of top indie artists contribute, including Shannon Wheeler, Box Brown, Dustin Harbin, Sean Pryor, Sam Henderson and Ed Piskor. In the off-chance that you haven't read every issue -- or you just never quite made it to the end of each -- we've pulled together ten of our favorites cartoons in Distro history. Check those out below, and be sure to pick up the 100th issue later this week for a special take on the future of consumer electronics.

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Distro at 100: ten of our favorite strips

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