Xbox One first-party games priced at £50 in the UK, versus $60 in the US

Xbox One firstparty games priced at 50 in UK, versus $60 in the US

Take the $59.99 official price (before tax) for first-party Xbox One titles in the States, run it through your favorite currency convertor and you get something like £39. Add in Royal Baby taxes (aka VAT), incomplete globalization and whatever else, and it seems the final amount for UK buyers comes to £49.99 -- a price tag that has appeared on games like Dead Rising 3 and Forza Motorsport 5 over at Microsoft's UK web store. It's not a surprising figure, and not too dissimilar to current Xbox 360 RRPs either, but it still seems high in a world that has seen Steam's sales model bring prices down for PC gamers. Anyway, maybe it's better not to get into all that again.

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