ParkMe updates Android app with real-time street parking info

ParkMe updates Android app with realtime street parking info

Most of us know the stress that comes with parking your wheels pretty much anywhere in the city; if you're like us, you vow to hide out in the countryside and never return after each white-knuckled experience. But those are empty words more often than not, and we foolishly come back for more. ParkMe has been a lifesaver for these frustrating situations, but Android users have only been able to look for available parking garages -- until now. The company just rolled out an update that now offers motorists real-time street parking information, giving you the price and likely availability of metered locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin and a few other cities. The feature has already been available for iOS, but this will serve as a handy tool for the millions bearing Google's mobile OS in-hand. Just remember to let your passengers do the navigating -- we won't encourage you to ParkMe and drive.