Today marks the release of the highly anticipated Apple origins flick Jobs, and while actor Josh Gad will do his best on the silver screen to emulate a young Steve Wozniak, Gad himself knew very little of Apple's history prior to reading the script. The 32-year-old actor spoke with Mashable about his experience with the company his character helped create, admitting that before being brought into the project, his familiarity with Apple was strictly post-iPod.

Of course, this experience isn't unique to Gad, and only serves to further highlight how Apple's portable gadgets, starting with the iPod, helped to reinvent the company's image as a leader in consumer electronics. Personally -- and I'm 28, for the record -- I recall my only experience with a Mac being isolated to the computer labs at school, and even those machines were being gradually swapped out with Windows-based hardware.

With a total of 76 reviews tallied thus far, Jobs currently holds a 25 percent rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, being described as a shallow look at very complex characters in the two Steves.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.