Tom Chilton's recent comments about how WoW could one day be free to play have us wondering: would WoW players still want to play in a free-to-play, microtransaction-supported version of their favorite game? Free-to-play WoW might not look so different from the WoW we play right now, in which you can already play for free up to level 20. And the game already has its own not-so-micro transactions with pay-for for pets, mounts, and cosmetic items -- though free-to-play would only see this sort of item store expanding, perhaps drastically.

So tell us, readers: would you play a free to play version of World of Warcraft?
Would you play free-to-play WoW?
Absolutely! I'm already paying to play, so WoW for free is definitely an improvement.2776 (29.5%)
If WoW were free, I'd at least play sometimes. Why not, if there's no cost?1542 (16.4%)
I'm not sure. It would depend on the sorts of microtransactions offered.2942 (31.3%)
No way! Microtransactions would ruin game balance.2138 (22.7%)

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.

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