With the rumor mill buzz about a plastic-shell iPhone 5C and gold-toned iPhones more frenzied than Wall Street on an average day, there's no way that Apple would merely stick to mundane neon green, eye-searing pink and bling-bling gold for the next iPhone. Now's a good time to evoke happy memories of Apple past by purchasing your next iPhone in one of these retro-iMac colors! Which one would you choose?

Which retro iMac color would you choose for your iPhone?
Bondi Blue224 (19.7%)
Flower Power65 (5.7%)
Blue Dalmation48 (4.2%)
Lime81 (7.1%)
Strawberry12 (1.1%)
Blueberry46 (4.1%)
Tangerine133 (11.7%)
Grape39 (3.4%)
Indigo63 (5.6%)
Snow56 (4.9%)
Graphite261 (23.0%)
Sage37 (3.3%)
Ruby70 (6.2%)

This article was originally published on Tuaw.