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Verizon Max plan goes live to entice unlimited data users to join Edge

Nicole Lee, @nicole

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August 25th was the day when Verizon customers with an early adopter bent could sign up for Edge, the carrier's plan that lets them get their hands on the latest and greatest device a lot sooner than those with the usual two-year contract. Though not quite as heavily publicized however, Verizon officially launched the Max promo plan concurrently to encourage those with unlimited plans to make the leap to the new program. Indeed, it appears you can't keep your unlimited plan and sign up for Edge at the same time.

As confirmed by Droid-Life, when those with a grandfathered unlimited plan attempt to join Edge, they'll be prompted to swap it out for a Verizon Max plan. The Max offer lets you have either a 6GB cap for $30 or an 8GB plus tethering option for $50. Do note that swapping out your unlimited data plan for Max doesn't affect your monthly minute and text allotment; those remain as separate line items. We admit we don't quite see the benefit of giving up your unlimited data for Edge's more frequent handset upgrades -- which come at a higher monthly cost anyway -- but if you feel like you really need that shiny new handset right now, head on over to the source to see if it's worth it.

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