Atlus publishing Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure in early 2014

The successfully Kickstarted Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure has its private eye on PC and Mac early next year, thanks to newly announced publisher Atlus. The sci-fi gumshoe's revival achieved just under $600,000 in funding a year ago, back when it was known as Project Fedora. Now developer Big Finish Games has a big name publisher to help it "more fully" realize its vision for Tex's new outing.

In an update on the Project Fedora Kickstarter page, creator Chris Jones said support from Atlus will include play-testing the game every week and "more polish" in the final product, as well as greater opportunities for coverage and distribution. It should mean a few more sexy FMV trailers, we'd imagine.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.