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HTC's mid-range market strategy in China continues as 4.3-inch 301e gets certified


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Lately, China's TENAA telephone certification center has been an even bigger tattletale than the FCC, and it just leaked another unannounced handset: the HTC 301e. While likely not coming to the US, the dual-SIM device is another cog in CEO Peter Chou's plan to grow its mid-range smartphone stable in China. It also has some One design touches, like the top speaker grill and two button design. Otherwise, it's scraping the bottom of the mid-range, with a 4.3-inch 480 x 800 screen, 1GHz dual-core CPUs, 512MB RAM, WCDMA 3G, 8GB of storage expandable to 64GB via microSD and a 5-megapixel camera. While that won't set anyone's hair on fire, it does show that HTC is serious about more than just flagships in China.

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