We're all familiar with World of Warcraft's game world, but not all of us dive into all of the extra media -- like books and comics or videos like The Burdens of Shaohao -- that flesh out that universe. But how many people do dive into this additional content for more story or lore? It's certain that not everyone bothers -- but equally certain that Blizzard wouldn't keep publishing books and comics if people weren't buying and enjoying them.

So today I'm taking the question to you, readers: do you participate in WoW's extended story? Do you read books or comics?

Do you read WoW books or comics?
Yes! I've devoured every book I can get my hands on.882 (23.3%)
I've read some, but I don't go out of my way to find and read everything.849 (22.5%)
I've read one or two and I might read more if they catch my eye.736 (19.5%)
I might read WoW books or comics, but nothing's caught my attention yet.483 (12.8%)
I'm just not interested in reading books or comics about a video game.830 (22.0%)

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.

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