Final Fantasy 4: The After Years will launch on Android and iOS this winter, the European Square Enix blog announced. Set 17 years after the original Super Famicom game, the Japanese mobile game first launched in 2008, later arriving on WiiWare in 2009 and PSP in 2011.

The "full 3D remake" of Final Fantasy 4: The After Years features "completely recreated graphics," as seen in the accompanying announcement trailer. Square Enix doesn't specify whether the game will launch in North America, nor does it mention a price for the game, though the now-available Android version of Final Fantasy 5 is priced at $15.99/£10.99/€14.99 on the Google Play store.

Update: Square Enix has informed us that the game will be coming to North America.
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Final Fantasy 4: The After Years (iOS, Android)

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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