Eidos reveals plans for Deus Ex Universe an 'expanding and connected' world that spans platforms and titles

Eidos Montreal has seen the future for its Deus Ex franchise and it's ready to shed some light on its connected vision. On the company's community blog, studio head David Anfossi revealed that the next phase for the franchise builds upon lessons learned from Deus Ex: Human Revolution; something Eidos Montreal is calling Deus Ex: Universe. No, it's not a standalone title for the next-gen, but rather a new, unifying approach to "create an ongoing, expanding and connected game world" that spans all upcoming titles. And that's cross-platform, too, as this persistent world and the additional experiences it'll deliver will encompass traditional platforms like the PC and console, as well as the portable space, mobile and even graphic novels. Work's apparently already underway on the project, with the first title in this new Universe slated to hit the PC and next-gen console space.

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