Here at TUAW, we have several anecdotal reports that iOS 7 is running extremely flaky on the iPhone 5s. As an iPhone 5s user, I can confirm that I've seen a number of issues on my 5s that I have not been able to reproduce on my fourth-generation iPad running iOS 7. The issues I've had with iOS 7 on my 5s include:

  • Jarring shifts in the background wallpaper when returning to the home screen from the lock screen or from an app
  • Poor recognition of taps when tapping the music player's previous and next buttons in Control Center
  • Increasing authentication errors using the Touch ID fingerprint scanner

To be sure, the bugs I'm experiencing are not necessarily signs of widespread issues with the iPhone 5s. However, we'd be interested in hearing TUAW readers' feedback to see if they are noticing any bugs unique to the iPhone 5s. Take the poll below and feel free to expand on your selection in the comments!

Are you seeing iPhone 5s-specific iOS 7 bugs?
No, any bugs I'm seeing are in iOS 7 across all iOS devices800 (44.2%)
Yes, I'm noticing iOS 7 bugs that are affecting the iPhone 5s only.1012 (55.8%)

This article was originally published on Tuaw.