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Pokemon detective game with blue, talking Pikachu due in 2015


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The Pokemon Company is working on a 3DS detective game with Pikachu as your partner, due out in 2015. The game was outed on Japanese channel NHK, in a program called The Professionals highlighting Pokemon CEO Tsunekaz Ishihara, as spotted by Serebii.

The detective game features a rare Pikachu as the enemy, but the development team "can't see people liking it," the site says. It also stars a blue Pikachu that talks, and Pikachu is being developed with motion capture and facial recognition software.

NHK posted an ad for The Professionals on October 22, showing the detective game and a clip of a motion-captured Pikachu that will haunt our quiet nights alone for years to come. Both bits were graciously giffed by TinyCartridge, if this year's haunted houses just aren't doing it for you.

Pikablu, anyone?

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