Here at TUAW we've been having a lot of internal debate as to whether Apple ruined (or, at the very least, took a step backwards with) the latest iWork for OS X. The latest update saw a completely new UI for Pages, Keynote and Numbers with improved compatibility with iWork for iOS (which also saw significant updates). However, while both iWork suites were updated, it would be hard to call either an "upgrade."

That's because Apple choose to remove features from iWork for OS X so it could be more compatible with the less full-featured iWork for iOS. Was this a good move on Apple's part or did they stymie a once-powerful office suite contender? Vote in the poll below and then sound off in the comments!

Did Apple ruin iWork for OS X?
Yes, crippling features on a desktop suite is no way to update software.3059 (58.5%)
No, the realities are that in this mobile age compatibility across platforms is more important than advanced features.2168 (41.5%)

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