Dragon's Prophet introduces Highlord system in Europe

Because the lord is high in the air and... you know what, never mind.
It's always nice when new updates come close on the heels of launch. Sure, you've had only a little time to play and haven't yet explored all of the launch content, but updates give you the feeling of a game that keeps getting updated rather than one that's stagnant. Dragon's Prophet has only been out in Europe for a few weeks, but it's already getting its first major patch to include the Highlord system, allowing players to rule over islands controlled through territory wars.

When an island is brought under control by an alliance, that alliance can appoint a Highlord who will be responsible for managing several aspects of the island. Aside from being able to set the taxation rates on that island, Highlords can also manage several defensive buffs to give the defending forces an advantage against would-be assaults. If you're playing the game in Europe, you can start enjoying this update now, along with the several bug fixes and improvements included in the same patch.
This article was originally published on Massively.