Sony teases November return for the PocketStation, its memory card with a screen from 1999

You might remember the PocketStation, but most of you probably don't -- it was a Japan-only peripheral that launched over there way back in 1999. Another thing rising from the dead today, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has just released highly-confusing teaser video promising a big PocketStation announcement on 5th November, two months shy of its 14th birthday. Despite the lengthy four-minute tease, there's no mention of exactly what PlayStation has planned -- a similarly-behaving app for smartphones? A new peripheral for its consoles and handheld? Just some new adorable plushies of the PocketStation's cat-like protagonist? We don't know, but we'll be around in Tokyo next week to tell you more.

PocketStation, the PS1's memory card with a screen, teased for November return