Instapaper now looks much better on your iPad

DNP Instapaper releases iPadoptimized interface and new features

Instapaper's likely working just fine on your iDevice, but its latest update brings more oomph to the iPad. Although it doesn't get a complete overhaul, the upgraded app has notched a fluffed up interface for Apple's slate, along with the capability to better parse and organize videos. Betaworks' recent acquisition now also boasts a sorting and filtering function that's essentially the Android version's InstaRank with an iPad-specific UI. That means the app can order your articles based on several factors like popularity, length and date that could make choosing what to read first a lot easier. Unfortunately, those fond of its charcoal-colored dark mode are now stuck with gray text on a stark black background. If that's not a dealbreaker (and you like sepia mode better anyway), you can download the newest version of Instapaper right now from the App Store.