EverQuest II video peeks behind the scenes of Tears of Veeshan
You may have to wait until Tuesday to jump into EverQuest II's next expansion, but you can get a peek at the making of Tears of Veeshan in a new behind-the-scenes video now. From the food-fighting goblins, grand vistas, and intricate details of Highkeep to the Naiad-filled halls of the Shissar-built temple Stratum of the Protectors, devs highlight some of the art and animations of ToV. Also included is a brief overview of the new Channeler class by Creative Director Akil Hooper and a glimpse of of an enormous globe of Norrath. Check it all out in the video below.

[Source: SOE press release]

EQII: The Making of Tears of Veeshan

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