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Nexus 5 coming to T-Mobile online November 14th for $450, in stores November 20th

Brad Molen

The Nexus 5 officially launched on Halloween, but its distribution was limited to the Google Play Store -- and it sold out rather quickly. T-Mobile has finally announced its plans on bringing the 16GB version of the device to its virtual and brick-and-mortar stores, with it coming to the former on November 14th and the latter on the 20th. While the device is being sold through Google's channel for $350, it appears that T-Mobile's option will cost an extra $100, with the network offering it for a $42 down payment and $17 per month for 24 months. Granted, $350 is a great deal for so much phone, but if it's a little too much for your blood all in one shot, at least there's an option to pay less up front and shell out a little extra for the next two years. Unfortunately, T-Mobile isn't ready to discuss future plans (if any) to carry the 32GB version, so you'll still have to go through the Play Store if you want the extra storage.