We're getting used to this now, flying being restricted on new continents. It happened in Northrend, it happened in Pandaria, and now it's going to happen on Draenor. But what's your take on Blizzard's repeated removal of our in-game wings?

Personally, I support the absence of flying for the first character. I've mentioned it before, but that first yak ride to the top of Neverest blew my mind. The beauty of it, the sense of adventure as my yak skipped happily up the narrow paths to the summit, I loved it. If I'd hopped on a dragon and flown there, I'd have missed that magic. So, to that end, I support the devs in the idea that they should not give us our wings the very second we happen upon a new continent.

However, once the sense of wonder has faded, it gets old pretty quickly. Even in Mists, I would probably have preferred to be able to fly earlier on my alts, to have something like the now-defunct Tome of Cold Weather Flight available. Getting flying still feels like an achievement when you hit 90, but I wonder whether it really adds anything to the leveling experience the ninth time around. And I'm not looking forward to waiting for 6.1, personally.
When should we get our wings in new expansions?
Immediately, when the content first appears.325 (4.8%)
When we hit max level on our first character. And that extends to all our alts too.2053 (30.3%)
When we hit max level on each character, alts have to do the same process.955 (14.1%)
At a later date, e.g. patch 6.1, regardless of whether we're max level or not. For example, level 95 alts can fly when 6.1 ships.323 (4.8%)
At a later date, e.g. patch 6.1, and only when we are at max level, but it's account-wide.1443 (21.3%)
At a later date, e.g. patch 6.1, and each character has to do the quest chain.794 (11.7%)
Flying should be removed from the game!875 (12.9%)

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.

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