That special time of year is almost upon us where perfectly ordinary and self-respecting people lose their minds for 24 hours and crush anyone who would prevent them from buying a 4 GB USB memory stick for a dollar. I'm of course talking about Black Friday, the shopping free-for-all that makes the events of The Purge look tame.

While Apple has officially got into the game in recent years -- and plenty of other Apple goodies can be had at other retailers, we'd like to know what your Apple shopping plans are this Black Friday. Let us know in the poll and comments below!

What are your Apple shopping plans this Black Friday?
I'll be at the local Apple Store when it opens.39 (8.1%)
I'm going to stick with 3rd-party retailers, as they usually have better Apple deals.58 (12.1%)
Black Friday? Ha! I'll be doing my shopping on Thanksgiving Day.15 (3.1%)
The crowds aren't worth it/I value my life. I'll be shopping online from the safety of my Mac at home.193 (40.1%)
I won't be shopping that day at all. There ARE other shopping days before Christmas, you know?176 (36.6%)

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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