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Motorola botches Moto X Cyber Monday sale, offers buyers 'we're sorry' Wednesday


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Remember that $349 off-contract Moto X deal we mentioned in our Cyber Monday roundup? That didn't exactly go to plan. According to Motorola, insufficient pre-sale testing and overwhelming demand crippled the MotoMaker customization engine, crashing the website and leaving droves of orders unfilled. It's embarrassing, to be sure, and Motorola's CEO is personally apologizing for the flub. "On behalf of all Motorolans, I apologize for what occurred today," Dennis Woodside wrote on the company's blog.

To placate frustrated buyers, Woodside says the company is repeating the sale this Wednesday, reinforcing both the MotoMaker website and its stock of phones. "We will also add an additional promotional day on Monday, December 9," the CEO stated. "I appreciate your understanding as we get this fixed in time for Wednesday and Monday." Two extra days to mull over impulse buying a new phone? Sounds like a decent apology to us. Check out the company's official statement at the source link below.

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