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Qualcomm shows more of the Snapdragon 805's camera and pen tricks (video)

Jon Fingas , @jonfingas

Can't make it to CES to see the Snapdragon 805 processor flex its muscles? You won't have to. Qualcomm has posted a slew of videos showing what the chip can do for photography, including automatic close-ups through OptiZoom, continuous focusing on a subject through Touch to Track and natural-looking low-light shots through Chroma Flash. The CPU can even begin recording video as soon as a subject crosses a line, such as at a race. As a bonus, the company has also demonstrated Ultra Sound NotePad, a refinement of an earlier technique that uses microphones to translate a pen's ultrasonic vibrations into on-screen handwriting. It could be a while before you're trying any of these features on a shipping device, but the clips should at least prepare you for the real thing.