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G-Series wearable tracks sports, sleep and sitting

Brian Heater

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The language on Movea's site can be a bit broad and tough to parse at times when trying to figure out exactly what the company produces. The simple answer is motion tracking, particularly as it pertains to things like sports and physical therapy. It makes sense, then, that the company was eager to jump on the activity-tracking wearable bandwagon, celebrating CES by teaming up with Texas Instruments for the G-Series. The wristband monitors a pretty broad spectrum of activities and, well, non-activities, counting your steps, tracking running/hiking, analyzing sleep activity and even detecting your posture (whether you're, say, sitting or standing). The wearable promises a greater than 95 percent accuracy rate when it comes to activity classification and the lowest error rates when it comes to counting steps. Maybe we'll try it out -- we've got a few more steps to walk around the Las Vegas Convention Center this week.

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