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Fujifilm teases a new X-mount camera with full manual dials and possible weather sealing

Sharif Sakr

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Fujilfilm's current range of X-mount cameras have hardly struggled to attract a following, but there's always room for a fresh addition, especially if it brings quicker manual controls. Judging from the official teaser image above, we should expect just such a camera to arrive on January 28th, with a nice big ISO dial to complement the shutter and exposure compensation dials already found on the X-Pro1. If we're happy to indulge in a bit of gossip, courtesy of MirrorlessRumors, then it's also possible that the coming model will add something else the X-Pro1 was missing: a weather-sealed body. If that turns out to be true, then the Nikon Df could have some competition on its hands -- not over raw specs perhaps (because it somehow feels unlikely that Fujifilm has suddenly come up with a full-frame X-TRANS sensor that could match the Df's), but at least over size, weight and price.

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