Hovering in the air atop a raised dais?  Yeah, this is probably fine.
There are ways to interact with other players in MMOs other than via group content, but part of the fun is being able to gather up with your friends and go stomp some monsters for a bit. The Elder Scrolls Online has a new video out with the developers exploring just a fraction of the group content available in the game, ranging from bosses roaming the world to dark cultist rituals, while also offering commentary on the design goals of the various encounters.

As the video states very early on, one of the major goals of the game is not to force players to group, but to provide positive incentives to encourage group play. Some of the game's quick-travel mechanisms work on this principle -- rather than simply allowing quick travel to waypoints, players can also teleport to their nearest party members, allowing a group to gather and get moving quickly. Take a look at the full video just past the break.

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