Time to chuck out the PlayStation 4 and drop the Xbox One like a titan – PlayStation Home is getting trophies! The PS3-only social app will soon be updated to support PlayStation's brand of achievements, PlayStation Europe Community Manager Chris Owen said on Twitter.

Trophies for the hamster-loving, secret identity-laden platform will arrive in the 1.86 update, set to launch worldwide on March 12. Details on the retroactive trophies will be revealed on launch day. Despite continued updates to Sony's social hub world in North America and Europe, Owen says there's no news of PlayStation Home moving to new platforms like PS4.

PlayStation Home is a free virtual 3D social gaming platform that first launched in 2008. It features mini-games, microtransactions and ad space. It's a little like the MMO Second Life, but with fewer flying phalluses.
[Image: Sony Computer Entertainment]
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