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Deck-building roguelike Hand of Fate coming to PlayStation 4, Vita

Danny Cowan , @db_cowan
Tabletop gaming fans, this one's for you. Indie studio Defiant Development revealed that its "tabletop roguelike deck builder" Hand of Fate is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

Funded by a successful Kickstarter project, Hand of Fate is an action-RPG that blends tabletop gaming elements with a deck-building mechanic, allowing players to customize each play session with randomly drawn cards during gameplay. All in-game elements -- from dungeon floor layouts to equipped weapons -- are determined by cards drawn during gameplay, and players must use varied skill and equipment combinations during combat to survive.

A release date for Hand of Fate has not been announced. A release for Windows, Mac, and Linux is also in the works.

[Image: Defiant Development]

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