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Tomodachi Collection will likely let Western players dance to techno, eat pizza

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The number of American and European Nintendo 3DS owners that desperately want to virtually sing karaoke and wander through a Mii's dream is likely limited, hence why Nintendo has been reluctant to localize its Tomodachi Collection life simulators. Recent signs suggest, however, that Nintendo is warming to the idea of bringing Tomodachi Collection: New Life outside Japan. Rejoice, US/EU 3DS owners: looks like your Mii will visit a pizza shop yet.

According to a number of Twitter posts compiled by Tiny Cartridge, Nintendo Europe is sending Nintendo 3DS owners a survey trying to gauge interest in Tomodachi Collection. The questionnaire opens with a brief description of the peculiar life simulator that's like a crossbreed of Animal Crossing and The Sims.

"Tomodachi Collection is unlike any video game you have ever played, where you decide who should be part of your game," reads the summation, "Will it be your best friends? Your parents? Your crush? Or maybe your favorite actor? You get to choose who lives in this vibrant community! Create a Mii character of each person you want in the game. Pick a voice and personality, and watch your Mii character come to life." Think of it like Animal Crossing, but where you populate the game with characters before they start acting strange and randomly offering you furniture.

The questionnaire then asks questions about how the surveyed would themselves describe the game, what interests them about it, and whether or not they would buy a copy. There are even a number of screenshots with full English text.

Before the original Tomodachi Collection released in 2009, Nintendo registered a trademark for Friend Connection in Europe that suggested it would be localized. Nintendo later backed away, deciding that the game might be too specific to Japanese culture for Western players.
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Source: Tiny Cartridge
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