Savor the additional time you have until Daylight crams you into its creepy corridors: The first-person survival horror for PC and PlayStation 4 is missing its launch date of April 8 and moving to April 29. According to Atlus, developer Zombie Studios is taking a little extra time to tighten up the scares on level three.

Atlus is also updating its pricing plans for Daylight, which will be regularly priced at $14.99. For two weeks after the game's launch, PlayStation Plus subscribers can grab Daylight for $9.99, with non-subscribers charged $11.99. Folks who pre-order Daylight on PC before launch can grab it for $9.99, then go screaming into Starbucks for that Caramel Macchiato they just saved.
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Daylight (The Forest and Prison)

This article was originally published on Joystiq.