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Pulsing pill promises to put an end to problematic pooping


The average trade-show diet of meat and bread plays havoc with our bodies, so it's no surprise everything grinds to a standstill after a long week. Israeli company Vibrant looks ready to solve our intestinal woes with its chemical-free way to treat constipation. Rather than plying our bunged-up bodies with drugs, the outfit is ready to show off its pill, the size of a vitamin, that begins vibrating six-to-eight hours after being swallowed. Sitting on the wall of the large intestine, the vibration induces peristalsis -- the squeezing motion that pushes matter from one end of your body to the other -- without the use of laxatives. The earliest trials have been successful, with participants who took a pill twice a week finding their movements doubling without anyone experiencing adverse side effects. Well, except for the poor souls who now have to write about this without giggling, of course.