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Joystiq Streams: Lessons with the League of Legends voice cast [UPDATE: Relive the stream!]

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Jungling. Running your bottoms and mids. Bait, aggro, duo lane, facecheck, leash, solo top, gank, and Wota. What?

For the uninitiated, League of Legends is intimidating enough thanks to its population of roughly 30 million daily players but that's just the beginning. Standing firm between neophytes and sweet MOBA action are layers of language, rules, and skills necessary to conquer their foes. The Joystiq crew is only partially equipped for play, so we've enlisted both our own experts and the voice cast of League of Legends to help teach everyone else the ropes.

Starting at 4PM EST right here on and at the Joystiq Twitch channel, we're streaming a League of Legends boot camp for new players. Joystiq's own Richard Mitchell, Sam Prell, and Jess Conditt will face off against Legends actors Danielle Macrae (Karma the Enlightened One), Cia Court (Vi the Piltover Enforcer), and Erik Braa (Vel'Koz, Draven, and Jax). Our good friend Adam Harrington of Legends and The Wolf Among Us fame will be hanging in the chat cheering on his fellows, while other members of the Joystiq crew come along for the ride. Come hang out, learn some weird stuff, and talk to some very cool people.

Joystiq Streams broadcasts every Tuesday and Thursday at 4PM EST right here on and at

Adam Harrington can be found online at and on his show with Erik Braa, In the Booth. Erik Braa can be found on, on Facebook, and YouTube. Cia Court can be found on, at her website, and at Danielle McRae can be found on and at her website.

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