As you wander the scorched earth left behind by your umpteen-hundredth battle in Titanfall, you discover what looks like a travel brochure. It reads:

Dear Titanfall players: Tired of the same places? Need to get away from it all? Respawn's Expedition travel package has what you need. Try scenic Swampland, where you, your jetpack and your giant robot can crush your enemies in a quiet, natural environment. Then again, if you like the hustle and bustle of modern life, you can always head for Runoff and fight in a more industrial arena. Not the outdoors type? Order a pizza, stay inside your Titan and battle for virtual supremacy in Wargames instead.

Titanfall's Expedition DLC (that's short for Dramatic Life enCounters) will be available via Xbox One and PC in May and for Xbox 360 in June for $9.99. Intrepid explorers ready to grab the Titan by the handles can also purchase a Season Pass for $24.99 and automatically receive the Expedition package, as well as two more upcoming DLC packages.
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Titanfall: Expedition DLC (May 2014)

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