If you have some particularly verbose Twitter friends -- you know, the kind that tweet endlessly about the Emmys or go on and on when Monday Night Football hits the TV -- you now have the option to quiet them down right from within the official Twitter app. Twitter revealed today that it will be adding the oft-requested "Mute" feature to its iOS app as well as the main Twitter website.

When you mute a friend, their tweets and retweets will no longer show up in your timeline, though you'll still remain connected as friends on the network. It's a bit like removing a friend's Facebook updates from appearing on your news feed. The other person won't know the difference, of course, so there will be no hurt feelings to repair later. The user's tweets directed at you will still show up in your mentions, as always.

If you want to give them another chance to not annoy you later, you can unmute them and test the waters once more. The feature is being rolled out in typical Twitter form, with waves of users receiving the feature over time.

[Photo credit: Jeremy Keith]

This article was originally published on Tuaw.