Arena of Fate
Good news, everyone! Crytek heard that the world needed another MOBA and is here to provide one in Arena of Fate. At least it's got a unique IP; players will be slipping into the shoes of characters from history and legend as varied as Frankenstein, Jack the Ripper, and Baron Münchhausen. "Imagine Joan of Arc and Robin Hood cooperating to hunt down Little Red Riding Hood. Wouldn't that be terrific?" asks Game Director Vesselin Handjiev. "But besides the game's iconic heroes, which everyone in the team really loves, we are also challenging ourselves to carefully craft a streamlined player experience that allows for both greater accessibility, and rich, deep, action-packed gameplay."

The game will be playable on both PC and consoles and at this year's E3. PC players can already sign up for this summer's planned early access beta test. We've got the announcement trailer below!

[Source: Crytek press release]

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