In three weeks time, what can you accomplish? When we last heard from the Unreal Tournament team at Epic Games, they'd only announced that the project was a thing. Well, now there's video of them playing a round of deathmatch in an early build, as spotted by Joystiq. It isn't much to look at, what with the lack of complex textures and level geometry, but, it's a totally playable game and there are definitely people running around and shooting at each other with frickin' lasers. What's more, you can join in on the work-in-progress mayhem for yourself if you're paying the $19 per month for a subscription to Unreal Engine 4. You can leave feedback in the official forums with a free account, too. Like Tappy Chicken before it, this fast progress by a small team shows just how flexible and easy the new development tools are to use. Who knows, maybe we could see a beta version sooner than expected -- better dust off those Flak Cannon skills just in case.

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