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iPods come and iPods go, and there's no portable media player with more history than Apple's icon little music machine. We all have a favorite, and while some were discontinued before their time, they'll always hold a special place in our hearts.

Personally, I'm partial to the 3rd gen iPod nano. Also known as the "iPod phat," the chubby little thing was super slim and the screen, for its time, was gorgeous. You could even play Peggle on it! I mean, come on...

So what's your favorite? Vote and let us know why in the comments.

Which iPod is your all-time favorite?
1st gen Classic - Mechanical scroll wheel and all!74 (5.2%)
2nd gen Classic - Touch-sensitive wheel, but big buttons all around. 50 (3.5%)
3rd gen Classic - With those, ehem, interesting light-up buttons. 127 (8.9%)
4th gen Classic - We finally get color! 76 (5.3%)
5th gen Classic - Slimmer, and video! 163 (11.5%)
6th gen Classic - Aluminummmmmmm159 (11.2%)
1st gen mini - It's so tiny! Sort of...43 (3.0%)
2nd gen mini - New colors, but that's about it.17 (1.2%)
1st gen nano - Such a tiny color screen, but at least it's color! 87 (6.1%)
2nd gen nano - Aluminum again! 59 (4.2%)
3rd gen nano - PHAT. 107 (7.5%)
4th gen nano - Annnnd we're back to tall and slim. 43 (3.0%)
5th gen nano - It has a camera... for some reason. 47 (3.3%)
6th gen nano - The iWatch. 132 (9.3%)
7th gen nano - And back to tall and slim, but this time with a touchscreen. 32 (2.3%)
1st gen Shuffle - The gum packet. 18 (1.3%)
2nd gen Shuffle - The hair clip. 16 (1.1%)
3rd gen Shuffle - The new gum packet. 6 (0.4%)
4th gen Shuffle - It's so tiny! 20 (1.4%)
1st gen Touch - The iPhone without the phone. 35 (2.5%)
2nd/3rd gen Touch - Same form factor between the two, bigger storage options. 26 (1.8%)
4th gen Touch - Now with Retina! 18 (1.3%)
5th gen Touch - It's bigger!66 (4.6%)

[Photo credit: Matthew Pearce]

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