Dance Central Spotlight shakes it on Xbox One in September

Dance Central Spotlight is on its way to Xbox One in September as a download-only game, Harmonix announced during Microsoft's E3 press conference. Spotlight is the latest Kinect-controlled grooving and shaking game in Harmonix's Dance Central series, and it features new routines and a fitness mode.

Dance Central relies on the Kinect for full-body motion tracking, as does Harmonix's coming Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved. Microsoft announced it would start selling Xbox One without Kinect for $100 cheaper in June, a strategy that seemed to take Harmonix by surprise.
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Dance Central Spotlight

The previous Dance Central game, Dance Central 3, launched in 2012, and though it was the third in the series, we found its beats to be funky fresh.
[Image: Harmonix]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.