1Password 4 for Windows

AgileBits isn't done sprucing up 1Password just because it released a much-needed Android upgrade; it's also showing some love to the Windows version of its secure account manager. The just-launched 1Password 4 for Windows catches up on features in a big way, including the browser extension previously seen only on the Mac. You're now just a shortcut away from fetching credentials or generating an extra-complex password. The revamp also brings WiFi syncing, multiple vaults and a service that warns you when hackers compromise a site.

The reworked software is free if you bought 1Password for Windows in 2013 or later. However, be prepared to pay up if you're starting relatively fresh: A brand-new license is $50 ($70 in a five-pack), while those who don't qualify for a free update will have to shell out $25. That's steep if you're used to paying no more than a few bucks for mobile software. However, it might be worth the expense if you're tired of memorizing obscure login details.


1Password for Windows now lets you manage accounts from your browser